Know Your Numbers Screening

The Healthcare Membership Programme starts with the enrolled members participating in a Know Your Numbers (KYN) Health Screening. After participating in a KYN Health Screening, A1 Fidelity Services Private Limited will award 100 points in the Member's Health Rewards online account. It takes approximately 30 days for a Member's Health Reward points to post in their Health Rewards online program after participating in a KYN screening. For more information about the Know Your Numbers screenings.

Participation in Sporting Events

One of the hardest things about staying in shape is we find excuses not to do it. When members participate in sporting events like marathons, cycling events etc, they feel the exuberance, inspire others to participate and build their own self confidence. You can earn the following points for participating in a sporting event:

  • Participating in a Marathon (500 points)
  • Participating in a cycling event (500 points)

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is rewarding in so many ways. When members maintain a healthy lifestyle, they get more than just the tools and support to live a healthier life. They earn points for improving their own health and others’ as well. The members can now earn Reward Points for:

  • Gym or Yoga Membership for 1 year (500 points)
  • Tracking healthy activities such as exercise, food servings and weight at least 10 times a year (500 points)
  • Coaching/Training others in Yoga (1000 points)
  • Creating personal inspirations (250 points)

Taking care of Aged Mothers

It is our duty to look after parents till the end of their life. Especially our mother. She has done lot for us and has sacrificed many things in her life for our sake. She is primarily responsible for our physical existence without which we would not have survived on this earth. Our specially designed programme for Aged Mothers allows members to obtain Reward Points by taking care of their mothers who are above the age of 60. The members can earn points by:

  • Conducting a health check for mother (1000 points)
  • Making a purchase for her personal use (100 points)
  • Fulfilling a wish like Tirath Yatra etc (1000 points)

If the member’s mother’s age is above 80 years, double points will be given for the above.