1. What will I get when I enrol for A1 Foundation Membership?

After verification of the Membership Form, Aadhaar details and successful realisation of the annual fee of INR 1,000/-, your application will be screened by A1 Foundation Officers. Post successful processing of your membership application, you will become an A1 Foundation Member. All members will get A1 Foundation Member ID Card, which they must wear at all times while on Foundation duty. To avail access to trainings, market linkages and products/services etc. the members will need to enrol for the Programmes run by A1 Foundation separately by paying the relevant Programme fees.

2. Do I need to pay anything extra to avail all Membership benefits?

You just need to pay an annual fee of INR 1,000/- for A1 Foundation Membership. Programme fees are paid separately and the related benefits will be communicated at the time of enrolment for the Programmes. Do ask for a receipt for all payments done for Membership and/or Programmes.

3. Do I become an employee of the A1 Foundation if I enrol for the membership? Will I be paid a monthly salary?

After successful processing of the Membership Form and the payment of annual fee of INR 1,000/-, you will become an A1 Foundation Member. You will be eligible for the related benefits/services as communicated to you from time to time. A1 Foundation Programmes are designed to train members and provide them with a platform that helps them to become self dependent and generate a sustainable source of income. However, you will not become an A1 Foundation employee or get any monthly income from A1 Foundation.

4. Will I be enrolled for all the Programmes if I become a Member?

All members need to enrol for Programmes separately by following the enrolment process and paying a Programme fee, the details of which shall be communicated during the specific Programme’s launch. Each Programme will have a separate fee and a member will be eligible to avail benefits of the Programme which they have enrolled for.

5. Can I enrol for more than one A1 Foundation Programme?

Yes. You can enrol yourself for any number of Programmes of your choice. Every Programme will be different and involve a distinct set of products, services and related trainings/skill development agenda. Each Member will have a choice to enrol themselves for the Programme which suits their interest areas and goals.

6. Will I get any financial return from A1 Foundation?

All fees are paid only to register yourself for A1 Foundation Membership and/or A1 Foundation Programmes and will not yield any direct financial returns. A1 Foundation Programmes are designed to train members on the skills and knowledge objectives of the Programmes they have enrolled for, so that they are able to compete in the market.

7. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for A1 Foundation Membership and/or Programmes?

Any person above 18 years of age AND has a valid Aadhaar Card can apply to become an A1 Foundation Member. All A1 Foundation Members are further eligible to enrol for the Programmes launched by the Foundation.

8. After becoming an A1 Foundation Member, will I be equipped to sell any products/services?

Yes. All A1 Foundation members are trained and educated about the key learning criteria specific to the category covered under the Programme they have enrolled for. This will equip them to sell/market any products/services which are relevant to the category.

9. Can I refer my family/friends to become A1 Foundation Members?

Yes. You can refer your family/friends to become A1 Foundation Members if you believe the membership can help them in achieving their goals. Anyone who is above 18 years of age AND has a valid Aadhaar Card is eligible to apply for A1 Foundation Membership. Please make sure that your name, Member ID and phone number is mentioned in the “Referred By” section at the bottom of the second page of the Membership Form. However, it is to be clear that there is no financial return on referring any one.

10. After becoming an A1 Foundation member, can I conduct trainings for other members?

Yes. Once you become an A1 Foundation Member, you can apply to become a trainer for other members as well. A1 Foundation will check and verify your credentials/qualifications to become a trainer and may ask you to take an exam/mock session.

11. Can I make a donation/contribution to A1 Foundation?

Yes. Any individual and/or Company can give donations/contributions to A1 Foundation towards our various causes. Please send us an email with subject “Donations” to contactus@a1foundation.org or visit any of A1 Foundation office branches. Kindly ensure that you get a receipt for your donation amount.