Our aim is to empower the under-served population by facilitating finance, healthcare & social inclusions through various programs. You can be a part of this journey and help in overall economic and social development of our society.


Healthcare plays an important role in any society and since independence there are rapid improvements in Indian health sectors. However the basic health awareness and facilities are still unaddressed for underprivileged living in remote rural areas and urban slums. Our aim is facilitate healthcare inclusion so that people living in remote and under-privileged area will have access to affordable and timely medical care and. With the help of Telemedicine healthcare solution we are trying to address problems of mobility, accessibility and availability of primary healthcare facilities to the deprived ones. To ensure the availability of quality medicine at affordable prices our aim is to educate people about the usage of generic medicine.


Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a child is able to go to school, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. In India, one of the major problems is rampant illiteracy. Our focus is on those underprivileged children in rural and underdeveloped areas where the light of education is still unreached. Almost 80% of Indian population leaves in rural areas where access to school, child labour, gender discrimination and child marriage are few barriers. A1 Foundation, along with its partner organizations are working at the grassroots level to make sure that children do not have to face these barriers and can fully exercise their right to education.


Financial inclusion is a concept of making available banking/financial services to a vast section of low income groups and weaker sections at an affordable price. The objective of financial inclusion is to provide the service of basic banking products to the un-served masses of the country, aiming towards inclusive economic growth. After years of Independence 40% population lacked access to basic banking products. Poverty, illiteracy, irregular income, lack of reach, high cost of transactions and time, these major barriers. Through our programs and campaigns we are trying to expand financial inclusion to those areas where digital financial products or cashless economy are still unused or unknown. We are focusing on educating, training and handholding this larger population on financial literacy so that these facilities are not limited to the tier 1 or tier 2 cities.

Skill Development

A1 Foundation aimed at overall skill development by empowering the Indian youth on E-commerce, Supply Chain Management (SCM) business and Inland trade finance. Empowering grassroots by educating, handholding and training is not just to strengthen the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid but also going a step forward towards overall development of the nation. SCM (Supply Chain Management) model introduces conventional marketing approaches to create demand and supply on products and services in cost effective way. Through educating and encouraging people with SCM model our focus is to reduce risk factors, improve liquidity, avoid disruption and supplier’s loss, creating employment opportunities and developing overall socio-economic situation. We also aim to provide Inland trade finance solution through our campaigns and programs in those parts of our society where these banking and finance solutions are still unexplored. This is to focus significantly on small business entities and individual business models to optimize their working capital requirements and helping them to grow.

Empowering Emerging Entrepreneurs

Indian is a country where we are witnessing a phenomenal rise in entrepreneurship. There are e-commerce startups coming up every day, but these are restricted to tier 1 and tier 2 cities. As most of the Indian population still lives rural areas where the concept of e-commerce is still unknown, our focus is to empower this part to of the population. Our mission is to help the people in rural and underdeveloped areas and develop sustainable livelihoods. Through our programs and campaigns we seek to inspire, train and create business opportunities for potential entrepreneurs. Our videos, tutorials, seminars, training sessions and certification are designed to give more holistic exposure to entrepreneurships to the rural population.

Clean Energy

The importance of clean and green energy sources like solar, wind, biomass and small hydro is well known to all of us. Solar lanterns, solar coolers, solar lights and many other products are already available as an initiative of green energy projects. However implementing changes or scaling up the clean energy resources are not possible without adequate and competent human resources and support. Hence educating and training on these matters plays an important role on overall development. Through our programs and campaigns we try to educate people and help them to build small scale renewable resources for a better green future.


Legal awareness, legal literacy and legal aid are the base of legal empowerment in any society. In simple language legal awareness is the starting point, and then comes legal literacy and finally legal aid. Accessing legal rights is important for the marginalized section, in backward remote areas where protracted vulnerability makes access to justice more difficult. A1 organizes free legal awareness programs, guest lecture, tutorial videos and mediation centers to under-served and un-privileged part of the population. Our network of lawyers and community justice workers provides legal assistance in issues related to human rights, domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace, child abuse etc. in various part of the country.