About Us

About A1 Foundation

Why A1 Foundation?

Most of our rural and under-served population is still unreached when it comes to facilities and services that many of us consider as basic necessities living in urban areas. Internet banking, cashless transactions, health insurance, Emergency medical facilities, online shopping, e-learning courses; things that are easily accessible and approachable to city population are still un-served to the rural population. With the help of various government and non-government organizations A1 Foundation wish to facilitate all these amenities to the rural and under-served areas and help them to prosper through various training, seminars, certifications and employment opportunities.

What We Do?

A1 Foundation has various programs and campaigns that are designed to facilitate healthcare inclusions, financial inclusions, legal inclusions, educational inclusions and clean energy. We provide free seminars, learning videos and certification courses in varied skills-set to enhance individual capacities in respective fields. We are focusing on empowering and helping those who face challenges in regards to proper connectivity of market linkages in areas that lack ideal infrastructure – mainly the rural and remote locations. Finally, providing and improving employment opportunities for the youth and un-reached masses and help in overall economic and social development.